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IP Protection for Successful Entrepreneurs – a valuable new resource for all Application Developers!


Aiden GallagherI attended the IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners ) EMEA Summit in Brussels last week. Traditionally I considered this to be a very Reseller type event but this year I was genuinely impressed by the focus both on Start-Ups and actual Applications and Solutions rather than pure reselling.

The inclusion of BizSpark ( companies and in particular the presentations by finalists of the EUAPPCUP for new innovative applications created a very vibrant and dynamic environment.

It was interesting for InishTech that a lot of the key questions that arose were related to Intellectual Property (IP), IP Protection and the inherent value of innovation. We focus on the physical protection of IP in applications so it is encouraging to see the topic of IP protection is something that both Start-Ups and mature Application developers consider to be important.

From the outset it is absolutely key for developers to consider the potential value of their IP and take steps to protect both the concept and the code and physical application in whatever way possible.

“Business skills for successful entrepreneurship” is an excellent summary of the Online Tools available for Start Ups and SMEs to manage their Intellectual Property Assets. It was created by Ideas Matter (, a consortium of organisations that promotes the value of innovation to society and to the economy. The document provides basic guidance on the key stages of turning an invention into a commercial product and how to ensure that you differentiate your application.

There contributions from and links to a number of organisations including the European Patent Office,, the World Intellectual Property Organisation, and many local and national organisations involved in IP and SME support.

IP for Successful Entrepreneurs is a key resource for anyone with potentially valuable IP in their application. IP protection is often viewed as a complicated legal minefield and as a result companies shy away from protection their most valuable asset. With simple advice and assistance this need no longer be the case.

Click the link to download the whitepaper….