Step 1

Define your product, version and features on the Software Potential Portal

step1-cloud-non-responsive SP My Cool App Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 4 Feature 3 Feature 5 Feature 6 Feature 8 Feature 7 Y our Product Name 1 . 0

Step 2

Combine features and business licensing rules to make different editions of your product

Standard Trial Edition


Lite Edition

$5 / month

Professional Edition

$20 / month
all-hexagons-grouped-no-version Feature 8 Feature 7 Feature 6 Feature 5 Feature 4 Feature 3 Feature 2 Feature 1 Business T erm C Business T erm B Business T erm A Node-loc k ed Device Time-Limited P erpetual Subscription

Step 3

Issue Licenses to your customers. Use powerful APIs to integrate seamlessly with Business Systems.

Issue-Licenses 0000-0000-0000-0000 Pro Edition Your Custom Edition Lite Edition SP Your Sales Team

Step 4

React to new market opportunites

Support Customers

Support billing, subscription management and renewals

Upsell In-App

Upsell In-App

Get Feedback

Get feedback on product feature usage

Configure New Edition

Configure New Editions