Code Protector

The most advanced .NET code protection available

Protect your single most important investment – your Microsoft® .NET code

No code is unbreakable, but .NET IL is particularly susceptible to reverse engineering. Protection of your code and IP is of vital interest to you as a company, to your investors and to your customers who want to ensure they are using a legitimate product and can remain compliant.

Now you can protect your software from theft, casual piracy, reverse engineering, tampering and misuse with the strongest .NET code protection available. Using a patented code transformation technology that goes beyond traditional obfuscation and encryption techniques, Code Protector removes the need for hardware keys, while increased code integrity can also protect against viruses and malware.

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How Code Protector works

Code Protector’s unique approach to Microsoft® .NET code protection is based on a one–way, random transformation of an assembly’s MSIL (Microsoft Intermediary Language) – which is easy to reverse engineer - into a unique SEEL (Secure Execution Environment Language) – which is not. Each transform is unique and the resultant SEEL can only be extracted and processed by a corresponding Secure Execution Environment (SEE), enabling the transformed code to run within the native .NET Framework at runtime. The protected execution environment is compiled into the application binaries, making it a permanent and integral part of the application.

Each transformation of MSIL into a unique SEEL is governed by a Permutation package, containing the random MSIL to SEEL mapping and the corresponding SEE.

Each Permutation is unique and you can generate multiple permutations to ensure each product is uniquely protected. It is even possible to regenerate the permutation per release to ensure each assembly is uniquely transformed.

This selective, one-way code transformation mechanism provides a greater level of protection for highly sensitive intellectual property. Because transformed code is practically unreadable, there is minimal risk of in-memory code compromise on client machines.

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Code Protector transforms selected MSILs into SEELs (Secure Execution Environment Languages), which are exceptionally difficult to reverse-engineer

Why Software Potential Code Protector?

  • The strongest solution for .NET code protection using our unique, patented transformation and SVM methodology
  • The ability to protect individual applications and even individual application releases or customer versions with unique permutations
  • Seamless integration with the MS Build environment
  • Simple one-click protection in minutes
  • Proven return on Investment – Code Protector is a low cost solution that is easy to integrate and provides an immediate return on your investment