Software Potential

Maximise the revenue potential of your software

Software Potential gives you innovative, cloud-based code protection and licensing for your .NET software. Backed by Microsoft, set up in a matter of minutes.

Package multiple versions of your .NET software

License all types of applications including
  • Desktop
  • Client / Server
  • Web Applications
Manage Feature Sets and Business Rules to dynamically configure package editions including Trials and Subscriptions. Use Floating/Network Licensing to manage Users and integrate Licensing with your CRM and Business Systems using our powerful APIs.

Standard Trial Edition

Lite Edition

Professional Edition

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Track usage for billing and analysis

Icon Meter Feature Usage Meter feature usage for billing using Software Potential Analytics
Icon Value See which features are of real value to your customers
Icon Value Provide feedback to Product Management on how your application is being used
Icon Invest Development Budget Help decide where you should invest your development budget
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Protect valuable IP and prevent illegal copying and theft

Protect your most valuable IP – Your .NET Code.

Copy protect all types of .NET applications by locking licences to individual users, nodes or other identifiers. Safely make your application available for download and distribution globally, 24/7, via any channel.

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