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Flexible Licensing can transform sales models for Autocad Industry and Technology Partners

Licensing for AutoCAD Industry and Technology

Autocad has developed one of the Software Industry’s largest and most successful Global Partner Networks. Autocad’s Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry Partners are third-party technology providers that engage with Autodesk to deliver discipline-specific regional solutions that complement Autodesk software offerings to help solve specific business challenges

As with many applications  in industries such as Manufacturing, Architecture, Building Management, Energy and Utilities, Mechanical, Structural and Electrical Engineering, these solutions are largely resource intensive and are typically deployed On-Premise.

On Premise need not be an impediment to innovation with new business models. It is possible to achieve this by offering more flexibility in terms of Subscription options, Custom Packages, Managed Trials and more Self-Service for customers. These are all proven ways to drive increased Revenues and improve Customer Relationships, but they need an underlying Licensing System is modern and fit for purpose.

Traditional licensing systems are typically cumbersome to use, expensive, and often require additional hardware dongles to implement licensing securely. This can actually be an impediment to doing business efficiently. This results in a lack of flexibility for customers which has been put in focus very clearly by the move to home office working with requirements for simple and dynamic license management.

High-value On-Premise applications require proper IP protection and Licensing Controls. Providing this with real flexibility can only be addressed by modern cloud-based licensing solutions.

InishTech’s Software Potential is a flexible Cloud Based Licensing Service that can revolutionise how you interact with your customers. All Licensing Models including Subscriptions, Floating/Network, User Based and Managed Trials are supported without any requirement for additional hardware.

Inishtech already works with many leading Autocad Partners providing a flexible licensing environment that provides the benefits of a SaaS business model for traditional On-Premise deployments.

If you are an established Autocad Partner and you have been considering upgrading/replacing your legacy licensing models, it is the right time to re-evaluate options and look at removing barriers to sales and increasing revenues and customer satisfaction.

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