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Inishtech to Present at TechBrew

Aidan Gallagher, CEO and Co Founder of InishTech, will join the Speaker Panel at the June 2017 TechBrew event.

TechBrew is a forum for leaders, investors and advisors in Irish tech companies: Founders, Advisors, Mentors, Programme Leaders, Investors or anyone supporting the growth of the Technology Sector.

The Theme for the June event is “Cloud Solutions Need Marketing, Not Sales?”

When is Marketing Enough and When is Sales Needed?

  • Is it naive to think that marketing alone is ever enough? Is this the rose-tinted-glasses view of growing a cloud solutions company? Is this just the fear of engaging customers?
  • What solutions, under what conditions, can depend on marketing alone?
  • What mix of marketing and sales should early stage founders be planning in their businesses?
  • Does every business solution of any value need sales? Some personal contact to make it happen?

How do growing cloud solution companies assess they have the right mix of marketing and sales to grow their business?

  • How do you assess the proper level of marketing and sales required in driving your business forward?
  • How do you build a marketing/sales engine to allow you to scale?
  • What type of marketing activities are needed? What level of marketing investment is needed to stand out from the noise?
  • Is it marketing for low-value customers only and Sales for Enterprise?

The June 2017 event will take place at 19.00 June 22nd in Four Dame Lane Dublin 2.

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